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RDW erkend Nationale Auto Pas

"Very good, Jan Schulten has given us excellent advice and delivered a nice car!"

About us

Van der Linden Auto's is a specialist in exporting and export services for all car brands.

No Nonsense
We select by price, type and model and work with fixed, competitive "export prices". You pay for the car at our lowest cost structure.

When selling a car abroad (for export in and outside EU), we can arrange all paperwork, official and checked. We work with the secure company VWE Export Partner. For export you are at the right place. Also we ensure your export documents, that your car is being staged in the Dutch vehicle registration system and that you will safeguard your RDW.

Our Services
We offer our services for both private buyers and company’s. The trademark VWE Export Partner proves for 25 years appropriate knowledge and experience in the area of vehicle exports all over Europe and further.

Van der Linden Auto's takes care of secure, safe and direct the export documents and export services such as:

  Gert van der Linden

  Jan Schulten

  Marcel Kok

  Marco Knegt

  Jerrold Scholing

  Hidde Streutker